Gingerbread Trailer Park

Great new video about the Gingerbread Trailer Park Design Competition.  One of the many events held in Atlanta by the Krewe of Grateful Gluttons.  I was able to talk with Chantelle Rytter, the captain of the Krewe.  This was one of the easiest interviews I have done to date.  I barely had to ask questions as she easily talked about [...]

Wilmington, N.C.

I arrived in Wilmington, N.C. the night of November 30 and drove directly to The Juggling Gypsy a local entertainment parlor/hookah bar.  It serves as a gathering place for creative participants in the area.  There was supposed to be a live music show that evening.  Unfortunately, the band canceled at the last minute and I ended up sitting at the counter with one [...]

Maic P Joyce Interview Outtake

Please take a minute (1:20 literally), to watch the first public video from the footage I have been shooting over the past few months.  I am working on more shorts that I believe you will enjoy.  Being able to share this with you is another step along the journey from the original idea for this film that was hatched in [...]


Baltiwashimore is the silly name I came up with for the Baltimore/Washington, D.C area.  I spent almost two weeks in the area doing a number of interviews and really getting to know the community.  It was a total pleasure to be able to enjoy this tight knit bunch that is constantly spending time co-creating with each other.  There are plenty [...]

Thanksgiving Weekend

Great weekend. It is getting harder to tell which days are weekends so an extra long one makes it easier. As a great poet once said, “Funny thing about weekends When you’re unemployed. They don’t quite mean so much, except you get to hang out with all your working friends.” I am not technically unemployed but this project is definitely [...]


When this project first started I was filled with excitement and passion.  Everything I did came with a certain ease.  Doors opened.  People I talked with caught the bug.  I had support from all around.  I could see everything so clearly.  And then the reality of logistics set in, I had to sell all of my belongs, pack what little I kept [...]

Why Now?

Over the past several weeks, I have been repeatedly asked, “why am I making Participate! at this moment?”  There are many factors that are driving me to set out on this journey and to make this documentary.  The biggest reason why this is an important moment in our community’s history is that we are in transition away from a focus [...]

Chilling at NYC Burner Happy Hour

Untitled, a photo by XinaOcasio on Flickr. Chilling on the back porch during NYC Burner Happy Hour

Hitting the streets of New York City

I have successfully made the transition from the hectic corporate world as a marketing manager to the challenging new path of film maker.  I arrived in New York City late Monday night and made my way to Port Authority to meet up with my first host, Dee Christoff.  Spent the evening getting settled and unwinding from traveling – I am [...]

Playa Del Fuego

Over the Columbus Day weekend, The Burnlandia Project started filming at Playa Del Fuego, the Mid-Atlantic Burn.   We were able to capture several hours of footage containing both art and several spontaneous interviews. Observations about PDF; Playa Del Fuego was the most racial diverse burn I have ever attended.  I think this is a great thing. The community is [...]