I fully intended to shoot footage of the New Years Eve celebration that I attended.  It was going to be a great event that would allow me to capture some amazing b-roll for the film.  A real example of creative community coming together.  People had flown in from all over the country to be a part of the event.

After, I arrived I pulled out my camera and walked around the site look for good angles, setting up shots and trying to discover what was going to work for composition.  Instead what I found was not enough lighting and the inability to see anything on the screen.  This clearly highlight a shortcoming that I need to work out.

I have spent the last three days, reading, looking and trying to understand the best possible solutions to this problem.  I went to one of the best sources I have found for information on the technical side of things, The No Film School.  He recommends some rather pricey solutions such as the Zesis and Lecia.  I would love to be able to afford those lenses.  However, that is not really a viable option for me.  Instead, what I am currently looking at is ebay and older 35mm film manual focus lenses.  The thing with film making is that autofocus causes some serious issues.  Making it hard to do zooms, pull focus (where you switch the focus between two objects in the fame) and keeping the focus stable over the full shoot.

Which brings me to my headline, do you have an old 35mm film camera sitting in a closet collecting dust?  Do have any lenses with it?  Do you want to help a documentary film capture events in low lighting?  Here is another great way to help this project.  Email me if you have any questions about this request.  Here is a great web resource that out lines which lenses with work with my Canon 60D.

I am currently looking for the following lenses;

Type Focal Length F-stop
Prime 28 – 35mm 1.2-1.8
Prime 50mm 1.8-2.5
Prime 21mm any
Zoom Any single f-stop

Other lenses can be extremely helpful and really expand the creative palette. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (xina at pp-fw) or call me (phone number on my FB for friends only).

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