This past weekend, I drove up to Vancouver for a super intense session of interviews with the local participatory arts community. I want to thank Delyse Ledgard for reaching out to me at the very beginning of this project. She gets the award for most proactive and furthest away when she contacted me. Delyse arranged a afternoon full on interviews featuring artists, community organizers and producers. All told, I did 7 interviews in a little over 4 hours. My voice was tired after that amazing session.

During the interviews I was able to capture the moving story of Marcus Takizawa’s transformation from classical to improvisational musician. He really got at the heart of the story Participate! is telling, that through participatory experiences people become transformed and take the drivers seat in their own lives. And to think all this started because he wanted a pair of high quality speakers and walked into the shop of David Montie, a speaker maker and designer of the participatory art piece known as Sound Frond. The power of connections and the transformative nature of these experiences is in full effect.

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